Naturally Free
with every step

Explore the world in the connection of your true self and nature.

Find the Lightness in Every Step and Embrace the Journey

Every step is a unique experience that provides space for self-development and a relaxed mind. Free your feet, let go of everyday stress, and take a break for your peace of mind. The world will welcome you with open arms, and our sandals will help you get carried away.

The sandals feature an gentle insole made of natural tanned leather. It beautifully complements your bare feet.

The perfect colour combination of our most favorite every day life up-bringer! Just a hint of cinnamon is missing.

While not truly crafted from ceremonial cocoa, these sandals come quite close. The darker shade is a practical choice!


A new way to explore the world.

Each of your first steps in this world was with bare feet. You might not remember it now. The wonder, the excitement with every touch of your toes as they explored the shapes and textures of the earth's surface. Reconnect once more and savor that moment of relaxation.


Gender-neutral minimalist design.

Everyone deserves a healthy body, regardless of gender. Barefoot sandals with their minimalist look go well with various outfits. Whether you're a traveler or a café artist, treat your feet to relief and enjoy the sense of freedom that barefoot sandals provide.


One of a kind fit

Every foot is unique! Barefoot TARA sandals are designed to fit you perfectly. And how is that possible? Thanks to the lacing, which you tie according to the instructions, you'll achieve a precise custom fit for your bare foot.

Your Body in Natural Motion.

Experience the natural walk in barefoot sandals that respect the natural shape of the human foot, leading to improved balance as they support your body's natural alignment.

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