barefoot sandals

made by hand
from local materials
by slavic shoemaker

Minimalist barefoot sandals

  • Barefoot sandals Savana Classic

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  • Barefoot sandals Cappuccino Classic

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  • Barefoot sandals Chocolate Classic

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Make your own sandals DIY kit

Make your own barefoot sandals for children and adults from sizes 20 to 47! Custom barefoot sandals
made by you using templates or a whole DIY kits. Create with vegan or leather DIY kits or make from your own materials with our templates.

Barefoot sandals templates for DIY

Recycled paper templates to
make your own barefoot sandals.
DIY templates with our know-how.

15 €

VEGAN barefoot sandals DIY kit

All you need to make your own
barefoot VEGAN sandals with
materials, templates and essential tool.

30 €

Natural leather barefoot
sandals DIY kit

Full DIY kit with soles with natural
leather and rubber also with
templates and nessesary tool.

46 €

Our customer`s experiences

Follow us on
great journey

Enjoy the freedom of movement as mother nature intends. Our barefoot TARA sandals will be your faithful companion wherever you go.

Limited edition WILD

Natural, minimalist, biodegradable barefoot sandals. Grounded in every step. Full leather shoes made of natural uncolored leather. The sandal is decorated with a wild meadow carved directly into the leather sole.
Without any dyes or adhesives.

Make your own barefoot
custom made sandals

Make or give a set for making barefoot sandals with everything you need: atool, instructions and templates with all nessesary materials.

More on our DIY kits →

In the begining …

The appearance and design of TARA sandals have undergone careful development, resulting in comfortable shoes that will last. One of our priorities is sustainable development.
We use only local materials for our handmade production, the leather comes from a local tannery in Moravia and the soles are made for us in Zlín, the shoemaking heart of the Czech where BATA was born.

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Properties of barefoot sandals TARA

They are as important as the story behind them.
Their top features include:

Like a feather

Your feet are protected by the sole
weighing only 60 grams.
The classic model has only
30g more.

Water resilient

The sole and insole are bonded
by waterproof glue.
You don’t have to worry
about puddles!

Roll UP !

The soles are thin
and so flexible that you pack them
into a small pizza roll. You can use them
also as backup shoes.

Together in same direction

Joy, love, happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction.
We all have the same goal, we just choose different ways to achieve it.
Our sandals will be your faithful companion on the path you choose.

Experience the freedom on bare feet #tarasandals →

Return policy

You can return ordered sandals not-used with original package in good condition, to our address:

Dave Berg
(Botao barefoot s.r.o.)

Fráni Šrámka 1209/5
70900, Ostrava

Phone: +420 771 146 560

Please write correct address also with phone and email. Add a letter to the box with your details (your wish or complain) and bank account.


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