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  • Technical backup laces: FREE (3€)
  • E-book: Guide to your barefoot life: FREE (20€)
  • Guarantee: 3 years (3€)

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Barefoot TARA sandals

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Summer barefoot sandals

Embrace walking meditations in nature and on your journeys.

Free your feet, rid yourself of everyday stress, and take a break for your peace of mind. TARA barefoot sandals, with their minimalist design, complement various outfits perfectly. Regardless of whether you're a traveler or a café artist, treat your feet to some relief and enjoy the feeling of freedom.  

  Barefoot 5 mm thin   Naturally processed leather   Wide feet friendly   Light as a feather Not afraid of the rain

Customer review: 
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I'm extremely satisfied! They feel like I'm walking barefoot. The leather strap and suede-finished leather are very soft. I'm glad I found the instructions on how to tie them in the package. I was on vacation in nature, with no good signal - so I couldn't open the video tutorial. It took me a moment to get the tying right, but then it became simple. The process of tying reminded me to be present in the moment. Thank you!!

Customer Katherine F.
TARA sandals, colour Cappuccino
(Purchased: 1. June 2022)

Extended warranty of 3 years
We use high-quality materials, durability confirmed by our customers!

100% money back!
Return the new sandals, and we will refund you all the money!

Worry-free shipping.
Package delivery to your address is insured for the full amount!

Made by hand in Europe 
Made in the Czech Republic from locally sourced materials from Europe.

The shoes you need
for hot summer days

Minimalist barefoot sandals.
Complete summer gear.

Worry-free barefoot walking without limitations

Experience the freedom of barefoot walking with the ultimate protection for your feet. Our flexible barefoot sandals allow you to move in all directions effortlessly, while their sturdy construction ensures resistance to sharp objects. They are incredibly lightweight and easy to pack for your travels. With these sandals, your toes will feel safe and liberated as you explore the world barefoot!

Therapy for your feet and soul

Barefoot sandals TARA, with their simple design and natural materials, provide a natural connection to your surroundings and a barefoot walking experience. They offer maximum ventilation for your feet during high summer temperatures.

Cold feet all the time?

Do you often have cold feet? Give them space and move them freely with healthy blood circulation.

Always excessive sweating?

Allow your feet to roam freely, welcoming airflow from all directions. Embrace the absolute freedom.

Swollen feet or toes?

Swelling of the feet is a thing of the past. Free your feet from the constraints of buckles or closed shoes with restrictions.

Renew your balance

Regain your natural body and soul balance by connecting with the surrounding world through barefoot walking.

Self-confidence and control

Sandals boost self-confidence through barefoot walking, providing precise sensory feedback under your feet.

Additional benefits

Open footwear prevents toe sweating, thus preventing the formation of fungi or cracking of sweaty skin.

Guide to Living BAREFOOT

When I reflected on my 10 years of experience in barefoot shoe production, barefoot walking, exercising, traveling, and engaging in outdoor activities with barefoot shoes, I realized that I've accumulated a wealth of information over the years. About a year ago, I got to work and started documenting everything to easily enrich your life too.

Wearing barefoot shoes became the beginning of a significant change for me, and barefoot walking remained a lifelong companion. I found peace and abundance in life, in my body, and in my soul. And now, I'm passing on all the information to you.

Price: 19€ 
* Order a pair of sandals in the discounted package today and get the e-book for free. Limited-time offer.

Why to wear TARA sandals

Here are our core values that we firmly believe in, compared to the competition.

TARA sandals

Localy handmade in Europe
Easy worry-free construction
Soft and elegant appearance
Extended warranty of 3 years
Complete freedom for your toes
Durability and honest craftsmanship

Mainstream sandals:

Imported from an Asian factory
Complex buckles, fastenings, and stitching
Sporty hiking appearance
Defects and complaints after the first season
Feet clamped into straps
Fragile construction, plastic elements

Our customers thoughts and experiences

Over 2500+ pairs of our barefoot sandals are already walking the world!
Here's what our customers are saying about us on Facebook.




Love the quality!

This is a very high quality item! They're my favorite pair of sandals to knock around town. They didn't need any break-in period. Only adjusting the lacing to make them comfortable. I liked the leather lace. Seriously considering another pair!




Great customer service 

The quality is great and the sandals fit perfectly. The sandals came in a nice box… Furthermore the service was great and I got help getting the right size. This will not be my last pair.

Kristýna P.



Order was quick and smooth

Everything went quickly and smoothly; the lady sent me the wrong size, but the communication and exchange were done by mail the next day. I recommend it.

Marta P.



Best unpacking experience

An amazing experience with unpacking, these are absolutely the best sandals!




Had a chance to speak with owner himself

Dave was so kind and helpful 🙂 The sandals are beautiful and well made. I also love the packaging - the design is so cool! Thank you 🙂




Fast shipping to US

Shipping to US was faster than expected. The quality of the leather, the flexibility, the super unique tying method makes these sandals really cute. They have a rustic vibe which I love. I just hope the laces break in.

Catharina F.



Extremely satisfied!

The leather strap and suede underneath are very soft. It comes with a simple drawing on how to knot, which made it very easy! Though, for comfort it really matters how well you knot, so expect a little trial and error. I will cut the sides a little bit to the shape of my foot. Thank you!!

Markéta V.



Since then, I haven't taken the sandals off.

I haven't taken the shoes off since I got them, and I even refused to do so when going to court (I'm a social worker). I bought the classic version with a thicker sole. Tying them up for the first time was a bit challenging, but I've already mastered it.

Frequently asked customer questions?

When you ask, we're happy to help. Not just here, but also via email (English only): info@tarasandals.com


1. Best is to draw your feet on the paper Follow the video tutorial below

2. Then find the right size in the size table

You can determine your size and measurements using the measurement guide shown in the video tutorial. It takes only 2 minutes. If you are between sizes (for example, 26.5 cm), we have always found its best to choose the larger size.

Sandals are suitable for all types of feet. That's because you can tie them to fit perfectly for yourself! You can choose from various lacing styles, tight or loose. And if you feel like getting creative, you can even decorate them to your liking.



For running and trails

The laces for tying the sandals are 1.5 meters long on each foot, which is sufficient for basic lacing styles. For individuals with thin to medium-sized calves, it's even enough to wrap around.

The natural leather we use for making the sandals is processed through tannins (it's not chemically treated with chrome), which preserves its natural qualities. Additionally, the leather is softened and finished with a suede texture. It's softened to make the entire sandal more flexible, and the suede finish prevents slipping on the footbed. Suede leather is smooth and pleasant to the touch.

We ship worldwide!

  • USA: aprox. 1 week (4-11 days)
  • Europe: aprox. 4 days (2-6 days) 

We always strive to keep the sandals in stock. For years, we custom-made them to fit perfectly, and that's how we created a sandal shape that suits everyone! Now, we produce and package them in advance so that we can get them to you within 3 days. You can choose delivery via a shipping service or pick them up at collection points. 

We recommend taking care of the sandals with our specialized products that contain both oil and disinfectant properties. As the leather on the sandals can dry out and get dirty from foot contact, it's essential to nourish and disinfect it regularly. Our spray comes in two variants - Cedar for men and a fresh citrus scent for women.

While we don't recommend using oils or greases directly on the sandal's leather as it can smoothen the texture, it's suitable for the leather cord. Treating the cord with oil makes it softer and more flexible, allowing it to adapt easily to the foot.

Where could you have seen TARA sandals?

Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week

Constantly seeking purity, simplicity, various forms of attractiveness, and beauty," wrote fashion designer Denisa Nová about her collection. That's precisely why she chose our minimalist sandals with a delicate natural design as the footwear for her collection in the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week.

Who manufactures TARA sandals?

I have always aimed for sustainability and quality in my craft, both in the processing and materials used. I'm not fond of using things that don't work and need constant replacements, especially at the most inconvenient times.

That's why in my workshop, I always focus on the highest possible quality craftsmanship. I combine honest craftsmanship with top-notch materials, resulting in something that truly works!

How do I know? I've received hundreds of responses from you on my satisfaction survey, and now I know that what I do, I do well!

Dave Berg, founder and manufacturer of TARA sandals

Thank you for your trust!