Make your custom fit VEGAN barefoot sandals


Set for making custom fit  vegan barefoot sandals for everybody! Children to adult sizes!

  For kids and adults
  Up to two pairs of children sandals from one kit
  Handmade local manufacture
  Barefoot sandals 3-4 mm
  Vegan cruelty free sandals
  Eco-friendly packaging

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Make two pairs of children sandals

From one KIT you can make two pairs of children barefoot sandals, up to 22cm length of the children feet.

All you need included!

You will receive a template on hard paper with sandal shapes from children’s size 20 EU (foot length 12 cm) to adult size 48 EU (foot length 31 cm). Also included is a printed guide with step-by-step manufacturing instructions, laces for tying the sandals and a hole puncher for creating holes for the laces. The main element of the set is the sole, which we use throughout the production of TARA sandals for years and it works great! It does not rub off quickly (puncture resistant) and is flexible and light.

  What do you need to find at home?

To create whole sandals you will only need to add your own pencil, knife or scissors and a hammer. You can also order additional laces if you want to customize your sandals. We have laces made of parachute cord in many colors or natural leather laces.

  I will guide you through the whole process