Tara Sandals features

what can you expect?

TARA Sandals are very light and flexible, hence utmost compact. The downmost layer is made of design rubber sole, insole is from natural unpolished leather.
Both parts will never separate thanks to the quality water-resistant shoemaking glue.

Natural walk

Our sandals provide enough space for your feet, imitating barefoot walk that is natural for humans. The sole is thin and flexible, so that foot itself reacts to terrain and each muscle is being equally strengthened. By wearing barefoot shoes you are preventing your feet from geting lazy!


Foot is protected by outsole weighting only 60 grams. You don’t have to worry about sharp stones or hot asphalt. Classic model with thickness of 5mm weighs in total only 30 grams more.


Boots are so thin and flexible that you wrap them up into a small roll. They fit everywhere so you can have them with you anytime you need.

Water resistant

Outsole and insole are joined together by waterproof glue, so you don’t need to worry about puddles! They also float on water.

Smart construction

Keep it simple! Tying is protected by eyelets on the sides that lift up when you put the sandal on, so the cord won’t abrade. The only place where the abrasion naturally happens is on the knot under the toe, but we take that into account. The cord provided is long enough so you only tie a new one and you are ready to go.

Parachute cord

Originally created as a carrying cord for parachutes, from where it kept its name. Thanks to its great characteristics it found a large variety of usage. It excels mainly in its carrying capacity (more then ¼ ton), endurance and of top of that it is available in large pallet of colours. It feels pleasant in contact with the skin and with its versatility, quality and endurance it perfectly fits TARA Sandals’ minimalistic concept.

Quality Outsole

We tested out the outsole very carefuly, as its quality is the key. The result of our effort is a shoe with an outsole that doesn’t slip and the design that wears out very very slowly. And for curiosity – it is being manufactured for us in Zlín, city where the great Bata family where situated and started their own production of shoes.

Choose yours !

Rest is up to you. Now the difficult part – what colour do you choose ?