Vanilla barefoot sandals


Barefoot sandals that fit perfectly on the foot and on any surface. Thanks to the durable abrasion-resistant sole, they last for a long time. In the contact with your feet is pleasant natural sanded leather We have chosen this piece for our travels in Asia, and we also choose it for all our summer wanderings under the sky and under the tent. Sandals that provide maximum ventilation and are invaluable in hot weather.

Barefoot 5 mm
Natural leather
Suitable for wide feet
Light as a feather
Rain resistant

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Date in TARA sandals, Ostrava, Czech Republic coffee shop HOGO FOGO What`s inside the package
There are barefoot sandals with leather straps and printed tutorial how to tie laces to custom fit your feet. On the package leaflet, you will find instructions on how to take care of the sandals. The packaging is sustainably made of recycled cardboard paper and it comes wrapped in a cardboard sleeve. All stickers from the carrier will be on the outer packaging, so you will receive a clean box with a design – so you will have the sandals ready to give as a gift.

Our barefoot sandals are 5mm thin. The durable sole is localy sourced here in Czech and has a thickness of 3mm and the natural leather is 2mm thin. The layers are glued with water-resistant adhesive, so the sandals work in puddles and in the rain. The construction of the sandal is designed so that there is nothing to break. Once in a while, it’s necessary to tie a new knot under the thumb and keep going!

Barefoot sandals TARA sandals at GONG in Dolní oblasti Vítkovice, Ostrava. Laces and tying of the sandal
The laces are also made of natural leather and have a length of 1.5 meters on each sandal. The length of the laces is calculated so that the sandal can be tied not only in the basic tie but also around the ankle. You can add additional leather laces in a different color or technical cords in many colors to your order and adjust the style of the sandals according to your preference.

Natural leather
The leather is processed without chemicals, using only natural tannins. It’s not chrome leather, so you don’t have to worry about harmful substances. All the leather we use is natural.

Size table


EU SIZE Feet lenght Max. foot width
36 22,5 cm to 23,5 cm 100 mm
37-38 23,5 cm to 24,5 cm 104 mm
39 24,5 cm to 25,5 cm 108 mm
40-41 25,5 cm to 26,5 cm 112 mm
42 26,5 cm to 27,5 cm 116 mm
43-44 27,5 cm to 28,5 cm 120 mm
45 28,5 cm to 29,5 cm 124 mm
46-47 29,5 cm to 30,5 cm 128 mm

You can determine your size and measurements using the measurement guide shown in the video under the “How to measure and size table” tab. It takes only 2 minutes.

If you are between sizes (for example, 26.5 cm), we have always found it best to choose the larger size.

How to check your size

How to? Look at the video on how to trace your foot and determine the size, or alternatively, consult with us via email.

How to custom tie your sandals ?

Video tutorials on other ways to tie the sandals can be found in the “Tutorials” section on our website.


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