Tutorials for your barefoot journeys

Find inspiration and let yourself be creative!
Run, breathe, live!

Start with these steps!

This is the very beginning, the basis of all. This way prepare your sandals when they come to you. Then you can continue with other ways of tying laces.

BOHO fashion

You can continue with this BOHO style lacing from basic lacing tutorial. Dream catcher not included, with love Deni from Jagaia Natural Cosmetics

Tight lacing for running

Espetialy when I go jogging I use this tight and strong style of lacing. The foot thus holds in sandals over the instep, behind the heel and around the ankle! Tying to a firmer leg grip in TARA barefoot sandals takes about a minute and will make your whole adventure more enjoyable!

Measure your size!

Be sure with the size you choose.  The video takes you step by step. Its very easy.

Basic lacing

You tie them once and that`s it! If you already have your first pair of TARA sandals in your hands, we recommend starting with a simple lacing. Sandals can be quickly removed from the foot and put on again, tightened or loosened.

One pair of sandals, hundreds of possibilities

Do your own experiments! Here are some inspirations from our customers weddings and journeys.