Custom Fit for Your Mood and Your Foot

Every foot is unique! Barefoot TARA sandals are designed to adapt perfectly to you. And how is that possible? Thanks to the lacing system, which you tie according to the instructions, achieving a precise custom fit for your bare foot.

Simple Lacing

You tie them once and don't have to do it again. If you already have your first pair of TARA sandals in your hands, we recommend starting with a simple lacing technique that is highly practical - you can quickly take off or put on the sandals, tighten or loosen them as needed.

Instructions for BOHO Lacing

Start with the simple basic lacing, for which you can find instructions just a bit below. And continue with this stylish lacing for your BOHO feel.

Secure Lacing for Running

When I go running at high speed, I tie the sandals with this secure lacing. It ensures that my foot stays securely in the sandals, around the arch, behind the heel, and around the ankle. Re-lacing for a firmer foot grip in Barefoot TARA sandals takes about a minute and enhances your entire adventure!

Get the Exact Size!

How to trace and measure your foot to determine the size or for custom-made TARA sandals. The video will guide you step by step. Anyone can do it with ease. Take your time and follow the instructions carefully.

Here's How to Start with the Lacing!

This is the absolute beginning, the foundation of all lacing techniques. This is how you prepare the sandals when they arrive at your home. Afterward, you can proceed to explore other types of lacing.

DIY Kit Instructions

In the video tutorial, you will learn how to create your own barefoot sandals using a DIY kit, whether it's a vegan or leather version. It will explain the contents of the kit and what you need to use from your own supplies. Most importantly, it will guide you step by step on how to assemble the sandals.

Unleash Your Curiosity, Experiment!

Lacing styles can be easily interchanged, allowing you to wear the sandals for various occasions. For inspiration, you can find a collection of examples in the gallery. Feel free to explore and try different combinations!